NewPoint Software - The All-In-One POS Solution

NewPoint is a dynamic Point of Sale software application that is fully integrated with online pricing engines. This allows you to maximize the benefits of having multiple 'bricks and mortar' locations as well as a full online presence. The software works around the clock to ensure accurate real-time inventory both in the store and online.

The easy-to-use POS module allows you to keep selling your products in your stores while the online Order Management system automatically consolidates inventory from all of your locations to be sold online through such marketplaces as Amazon (including US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and UK), eBay, Alibris,,, and more.


The numerous custom settings within NewPoint allow the application to be tailored to your specific retail needs. Extensive reporting features allow for detailed analysis and tracking of both inventory and sales.

This is a truly cost-effective solution as existing retail staff can be quickly trained to use all the online order and fulfillment features of NewPoint.

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